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Project: One Workplace 

Location: Santa Clara, CA


Mixing Old with New

As part adaptive reuse and part urban regeneration project, the corporate headquarters of One Workplace, a furniture conglomerate in Northern California, sought to bring together existing buildings on the 35000m2 site, with new modern workspaces to create a new multi-functional indoor-outdoor environment.

The interior of the workspace employs primarily an achromatic color scheme. This allows the integration of strategic pops of color throughout the space. This is especially appropriate since this is the corporate headquarters of One Workplace, a furniture retailer in Northern California. This allows the spaces to showcase the actual furniture, which is important for clients to demonstrate how each piece is utilized and functions in reality. These pieces range in hue from warm reds to shades of gray. Textures and patterns abound throughout the space, from the unique organically curved dropped ceilings above the dining and recreation areas, to the geometric punched grid screen that creates a special show with the interplay of light and shadow, during specific times of the day.

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